Terrorists in New Hunger Strike

PA terrorists in Israeli prisons learn hunger strikes are effective, begin another one less than a month after a deal ends the last one.

Maayana Miskin ,

Terrorist prisoners
Terrorist prisoners
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Palestinian Authority Arabs serving time in Israel for terror-related offenses are planning a new hunger strike, the PA Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs Isa Karake has announced. A previous hunger strike ended less than a month ago, when Israel caved in to several of the prisoners’ demands.

The new hunger strike is to begin Monday and aims at obtaining release for three PA terrorists who never stopped the former hunger strike, Karake said.

The three are Mahmoud El-Sarsak, Ikram El-Rihawi, and Samar El-Barq, who have refused to eat for 88, 60, and 40 days respectively.

The PA is demanding that Israel release the three due to their deteriorating health. Karake warned that the planned hunger strike is just an initial step, and that PA prisoners would take more serious measures if their demands are not met.

The previous deal was struck just in time for prisoners to enjoy a full meal and regain their strength so as to participate fully in protests marking 'Nakba Day' -- the day that some Palestinian Authority Arabs, as well as some of those in Israel, have chosen to express their bitterness over the re-birth of the Jewish State of Israel as a "nakba," or "catastrophe."