PA's Shechem Governor to UN: Intervene

Jabareen AlBakri says international forces can stop confrontations between Jews and Arabs.

Gil Ronen,

Confrontation near Yitzhar (file)
Confrontation near Yitzhar (file)
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The District Governor of the Shechem (Nablus) District in the Palestinian Authority called upon the international community Sunday to intervene quickly and provide the Palestinian Authority with protection from Jews.

AlBakri warned that "The ongoing aggressiveness of the settlers will lead to violence in the entire region, the results of which cannot be predicted. The continued violence by settlers requires international intervention, he argued.

He said that the Jews are interested in "widening" the cycle of violence in the summertime, in order to cause Arab farmers financial losses.

"The escalation in attacks by settlers would not have occurred were it not for the diplomatic support that the Israeli government enjoys," he added. 

Jewish residents of Yitzhar denied the PA's version of the events and said it was the Arabs and leftists who initiated violence, setting fires and throwing rocks.