Israel Worried by US's Made-in-China Jet Parts

Senate report on fake parts in U.S. jets gives Israel cause for concern regarding components in its own jets.

Gil Ronen ,

Air Force F-15
Air Force F-15
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Israel is concerned by a U.S. Senate report regarding fake parts used on USAF aircraft, and is checking whether some of the parts found their way to systems on IAF aircraft as well, writes IsraelDefense.

The Senate report, as cited by CNN, says a million counterfeit parts have been discovered in systems used on American jets and helicopters, i about 1,800 separate cases. The parts were counterfeited in China and then bought and installed by U.S. defense contractors.

The investigators focused on three types of parts: one that could compromise the SH-60B Navy helicopter's night-vision system; another that could affect systems on the C-130 and C-27 cargo planes that inform pilots of their performance; and a part on the P8-A, a Navy version of the Boeing 737 used for anti-submarine warfare, that should never have been on the airplane.

Israel is worried because IAF aircraft also contain electronic systems made by the same American manufacturers involved in the fake part debacle. Israeli experts told IsraelDefense that stopping the flood of fake Chinese parts will be hard. "They are experts at reverse technology and the copy almost everything," they said.