Torah Tidbits Celebrates 1000th Issue

Torah Tidbits, one of the clearest and longest-lasting English voices for Torah and Aliyah, marked its 1000th issue in special celebration.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Torah Tidbits celebration
Torah Tidbits celebration

Torah Tidbits, one of the loudest, clearest and longest-lasting voices for Torah and Aliyah in the English-speaking world, celebrated its 1000th issue on Sunday.

Torah Tidbits, which is also celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, is published every Thursday and is distributed for free in dozens of cities across Israel. It is distributed in synagogues, hotels, shops and supermarkets in areas of Israel where there is a high concentration of English speakers. Arutz Sheva often posts part of its contents on this site for Shabbat.

Torah Tidbits contains a review of the weekly Torah portion, divided into the segments "aliyot" as they are read in the synagogue, as well as other timely articles. Its advertisements, besides those promoting services and products, give Anglos a picture of upcoming events and scheduled activities that might interest them.

The publication celebrated its 1000th issue in a special celebration which also marked Jerusalem Day and was attended by Deputy Jerusalem Mayor David Hadari, Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Aviad, inspector of the Torah Education Department in the Ministry of Education’s Jerusalem district and OU director-general Rabbi Avi Berman.

Also speaking at the celebration was Tidbits founder, editor and lead writer, Anglo immigrant Phil Chernofsky, who said, “What started as a practical suggestion has gained momentum. The publication plays an important role in the structure of the Sabbath in the Jewish community. I am pleased to be taking take part in a publication that encourages and connects the community in Israel and the Diaspora.”