Police Demolish Ramat Migron Wedding Tent

Border Police swooped down on wedding preparations in Ramat Migron and declared the site a 'closed military zone'; clashes ensue

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Ramat Migron Wedding Raid
Ramat Migron Wedding Raid
Flash 90

Police on Monday afternoon demolished a wedding tent at the Jewish outpost of Ramat Migron and presented an order declaring the planned nuptial site to be a closed military zone.

According to 'Tatzfit' forces detained all those at the site who were setting up the wedding, dismantled the wedding tent and other equipment, and threatened to arrest anyone who persisted in making preparations at the site.

The wedding party decided to move the event to an adjacent area, near the road.

However, dozens of people then began throwing rocks at security forces from across the road. No injuries were reported, but a passing truck driven by Arabs was damaged.

One of those involved in setting up the wedding told Arutz Sheva, "Border Police forces came looking to fight, got face to face with us, and tried to break up the celebration we had planned for today."

"Just on Friday, troops demolished the house where the young couple planned to live after the wedding," they added. "This is another step in their campaign to prevent the establishment of a new home in Israel, and a new home at Ramat Migron."

MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) said, "The Netanyahu government and the Israel Police are obsessively monitoring and pursuing settlers. Arab infiltrators from the PA feel free to steal, rape, and vandalize, but Netanyahu feels it is more important to stop settlers from getting married."