Bulldozers Roll in Oz Zion, Ramat Migron

The IDF Civil Administration demolished two structures in the nascent communities of Oz Zion and Ramat Migron; six arrested in clashes

Gabe Kahn ,

Ramat Migron after police destruction (archiv
Ramat Migron after police destruction (archiv
Arutz Sheva photo courtesy of Binyamin Residents Committee

The IDF Civil Administration demolished two structures in the Oz Zion and Ramat Migron outposts in Samaria (Shomron).

"One building was evacuated in Oz Zion and as a result there were disturbances, six people were arrested for disorderly conduct and entering a closed military zone," Police Spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld said.

"In Ramat Migron one empty building was evacuated and everything was taken out. There were no incidents there," added Rosenfeld.

Both nascent communities are near Givat Assaf and Migron, respectively, close to Beit El and overlooking the main Jerusalem-Beit El-Ofrah-Shilo highway. Ramallah is the closest Arab-populated city.

Residents and Civil Administration officials have been in a cycle of unauthorized construction and demolition since their inception.

Ramat Migron's neighbor, Migron, is slated to be destroyed on 1 August due to a controversial Supreme Court decision. A compromise moving residents to a new not-yet built area on state land was supposed to prevent destroying the current buildings until the land dispute was settled, but that is  not certain.

The Netanyahu government treats new communities in Judea and Samaria built without Civil Administration approval as illegal, and frequently sends security personnel to destroy them.

However, many communities slated for destruction were built not only with approval from various Israeli governments, but assistance as well.

The issue of legal communities facing destruction due to land ownership disputes - especially when they were built in good faith by their residents - has become an increasing point of contention in the Likud-led coalition.

Likud, which has traditionally backed Israel's settlement enterprise as a part of its vision of Greater Israel, has found itself in the politically uncomfortable position of overseeing the destruction of several Jewish communities.