Charity Organizations Demand Help

Charity organizations in Israel gathered for emergency conference, called on the government to help fight food insecurity.

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Food organizations' emergency conference
Food organizations' emergency conference
Asaf Kliger

Charity organizations in Israel gathered on Wednesday for an emergency conference, in which they called on the government to intervene and help fight food insecurity in Israel.

The organizations noted that, even though they are able to provide some financial aid, many families from different population in Israel suffer from very severe food insecurity.

In order to give regular assistance to 220,000 families who need urgent food assistance, the organizations said, approximately 800 million shekels are required. Of these, only 150 million are handed out by charity organizations, a fact which strengthens the need for government intervention.

“We’re demanding that the Israeli government and the Welfare Ministry take responsibility for the insecurity problem, which is very big in Israeli society,” Eran Weintrob, Executive Director at Latet-Israeli Humanitarian Aid, told Arutz Sheva.

Weintrob said that the groups are demanding that the government allocate 250 million shekels in the 2013 budget for this purpose.

“We’re willing to do the work. We’re not saying we’re not going to do anything,” emphasized Zara Provisor of the Leket Israel organization. “We’re saying that we know how to do it and we know who needs the food. Give us the resources and we’ll do it. Why should it all be charity?”

Weintrob added, “We have more than 200,000 families living under food insecurity. Passover is behind us but now every day the need grows and we expect the government to support these efforts.”