Shalom: Israel Will Never Cede the Golan

Deputy PM Silvan Shalom says that not only will Israel keep the Golan, but that Jerusalem's vision is to settle 300,000 more Israelis there.

Gabe Kahn ,

Vice PM Silvan Shalom
Vice PM Silvan Shalom
Yoni Kempinski

Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom today toured the Golan Heights and said Israel will never cede the Golan Heights.

"We have been in the Golan Heights forever and shall remain eternally," Shalom, who is also Minister of Negev and Galilee Development, said during a wine opening at the Lane School.

"There has been an almost continual Jewish presence in the Golan Heights for thousands of years and we will never leave," he added.

Shalom told those present that the Golan needed investment to nurture and develop the excellent soil so Israel could build "a luxurious wine empire."

The Lane School is dedicated to viticulture and attracts students interested in enriching Israel's wine culture. 

"This year we opened the medical school in Tzefat, which is anchored by the campus university in the Galilee, which will serve as the center for all colleges in the regionm" Shalom said.

He also noted, "The Golan Heights is a magnet for immigrants from around the world, and in Israel, young people and families, and we will continue to invest in the region to strengthen Jewish settlement."

"Our vision is to bring 300,000 more residents to Galilee in the next decade," he added.