Terrorists Fire on Jewish Motorist in Samaria

A Jewish motorist passing the Arab village of Sinjil in Samaria was fired upon; he escaped harm; IDF searching for terrorists in force

Gabe Kahn ,

Archive Photo
Archive Photo
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Terrorists on Tuesday evening opened fire on a Jewish motorist travelling on Route 60.

The incident occurred near the Arab village of Sinjil, which is north of the Jewish community of Ofra.

No one was injured in the incident, but an examination of the vehicle by police revealed damage from bullets.

A large IDF force was called to the scene and is presently sweeping the area in search of the terrorists.

Arutz Sheva reported on Monday the attempted carjacking of a Jewish woman in Samaria as she headed to her father's home in Elon Moreh.

The woman noticed a warning triangle ahead of what appeared to be a disabled vehicle on the side of the road. A bearded man tried to flag her down for aid.

When she slowed three Arab men exited the vehicle and approached her vehicle. At that point, she noted the bearded man was not wearing a skullcap as religious Jewish men do, confirming her peril.

The woman immediately accelerated and fled. Police were called, but did not find her would be assailants.