'No Fear' Video Hits 2.3 Million Views in 6 Days

Hard hitting video on Iranian threat to U.S. goes viral, is featured on Fox News.

Gil Ronen ,

Iran's president at nuclear site.
Iran's president at nuclear site.

A hard hitting video that focuses on the Iranian threat to the U.S. is a hit on the Internet, garnering over 2.3 million views in less than a week. Created and narrated by Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel of TheLandofIsrael.com, the video's message is that while Iran poses a mortal threat to the U.S. and the West, fear is paralyzing Westerners and preventing them from dealing rationally with the problem.

The video makes a clear case for an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. It features segments from interviews with experts who detail evidence that Iran may be planning to place a missile on a cargo ship and launch it at the U.S.. Such a missile could carry an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon that would "take down the entire power grid" of the U.S..

Abramowitz and Gimpel were interviewed Tuesday by Megyn Kelly on Fox News, following the video's success. Abramowitz "We simply don’t have the luxury of fear," explained Abramowitz. "It clouds your judgment but most of all it's a lack of faith. And the very fact that the state of Israel exists as a Jewish state is a miracle of G-d…. If we act with the highest level of morality, courage, clarity and integrity, and that leads us to the understanding that we need to preemptively strike Iran, then that's what we need to do… Let the cards fall where they may."

Gimpel explained that "when evil arises in the world, it attacks the Jews first." First the Nazis targeted the Jews – and then came Pearl Harbor, he said. "In the 1990s buses were blowing up in Jerusalem – it got to 9/11 in America but it started in Jerusalem. And right now Iran's rhetoric is focused on Jerusalem but don't kid yourself – Israel is the 'Little Satan.' America is the 'Big Satan.'"