Jordan Valley Monuments Defaced

Residents in Israel's Jordan Valley woke up to find several monuments spray painted with anti-Israel graffiti, swastikas, and PA flags.

Gabe Kahn ,

Jordan Valley Soldier's Memorial
Jordan Valley Soldier's Memorial
Bikat HaYarden Council, With Permission

Residents in the Jordan Valley on Thursday reported to police that several monuments had been defaced.

The monuments, dedicated to Israel's fallen, were spray painted with swastikas, Palestinian Authority flags, and anti-Israel slogans in Hebrew.

The vandalism occurred as Israel marked Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day. Next week Israel will mark its Memorial Day and Independence Day.

Residents reported to the police that the "Boulder" Monument established in memory of Salit Shitrit, who was murdered in a terrorist shooting spree in 2001, the "Monument of the Valley" near the settlement Agman, established in memory of soldiers and civilians in the region, and the "Monument of the Police" at Phasael.

The spray-painted slogans included the phrase "Zionists out!" and, sprayed over soldiers' names carved into the rock of one monument, "Killed for the sin of rebelling against the nations." The latter phrase is commonly associated ultra-Orthodox anti-Zionist opposed to the establishment of the State of Israel.

Also found on one of the monuments was sprayed a Palestinian flag and the phrase "Stop the Occupation."