TAU Prof. Protests in Favor of Terrorist

Students call to fire Dr. Anat Matar of Tel Aviv University, after she led a demonstration in support of a PA Arab terrorist.

Elad Benari ,

Prisoners in Ofer jail (archive)
Prisoners in Ofer jail (archive)
Israel news photo: Flash 90

A professor at Tel Aviv University is facing backlash after allegedly having deceived university administration and holding a protest in favor of a Palestinian Authority Arab terrorist.

Dana Barnett of the Israel Academia Monitor organization, which monitors and exposes anti-Israel activities of Israeli academics, told Arutz Sheva on Tuesday that last week several people at Tel Aviv University requested permission to hold a demonstration outside the university against the massacre in Syria. However, said Barnett, the demonstration was in fact a protest in favor of terrorist Hana Shalbi.

Shalbi is an Islamic Jihad terrorist from the village of Burkin near Jenin. She was arrested recently based on “completely certain” intelligence that she had assisted in planning a terrorist attack that was to involve kidnapping an IDF soldier. She had been released in the Shalit deal just months earlier.

Shalbi is one of several PA terrorists in Israeli prisons who are hunger striking in an attempt to force the Prison Service to release them. Several self-described human rights organizations have called on Israel to consider releasing these terrorists.

Barnett told Arutz Sheva that behind the pro-Shalbi demonstration was Tel Aviv University professor Dr. Anat Matar, who has been identified as being one of many leftist intellectuals in Israeli universities who demonize Israel.

According to Barnett, “The protesters said they will demonstrate outside the university about a different issue and in reality they entered the university campus. Among them was Dr. Anat Matar who was holding a huge picture of Shalbi. To date, hundreds of signatures of students calling to fire Matar have been collected. Rather than focusing on her area of expertise, philosophy, she is busy with political activity against Israel.”

The Tel Aviv University said in response that it will investigate the matter, including Dr. Matar’s conduct.

According to the university, “The demonstration was illegal. The organizers of the demonstration did not request permission for a demonstration inside the university. When it was discovered that the demonstration had entered the campus the protesters were asked to leave. The matter is under review.”