Report: Undercover Israelis in Iran

A British newspaper reported Sunday that Israeli commandos are operating undercover in Iran.

Chana Ya'ar ,

Iran's president at nuclear site.
Iran's president at nuclear site.

Israelis are on the ground and undercover in Iran, according to a report published Sunday in a British newspaper. The question is whether the report, published in The Sunday Times, compromises the safety of the Israeli mission.

The soldiers were tasked with finding the “smoking gun” evidence that Iran's nuclear development program is focused on production of atomic weapons, the paper claimed.

Israeli commandos have been operating disguised as Iranian soldiers, the newspaper reported, infiltrating through the border from a base in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq.

Efforts have been stepped up to determine the activity at the Parchin military complex near Tehran, a facility closed to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspection, according to sources quoted in the report, as the window of opportunity to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon rapidly closes.

Intelligence is also aiming operations at the underground Fordow nuclear plant near Qom, where Iran is intensifying efforts to enrich uranium. Scientists at Fordow have already managed to achieve 20-percent enrichment – beyond that necessary for basic medical needs and attaining that necessary for military use.

The information is not new, according to the report. Israel has been carrying out the activity for several years, using Black Hawk helicopters to transport the commandos.

Various types of sensitive military equipment have also been used to monitor the radioactivity and magnitude of explosions that take place during Iranian nuclear tests.

Israel has repeatedly warned that it will not allow Iran to reach nuclear military capability as the Islamic Republic has vowed to annihilate the Jewish State.