PA TV: Israel a Foreign Colonial Occupier

As part of its continued incitement against Israel, official PA TV broadcast a video that presents Jews as foreigners.

Elad Benari ,

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas
PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas
Israel news photo: Flash 90

As part of its continued incitement against Israel, official Palestinian Authority TV broadcast on March 2 a video that symbolically presents Jews as foreigners with no historical connection to the land of Israel.

In the video, which was translated by the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) research organization and presented on its website, Israel is portrayed as a foreign colonial state, with no right to exist, similar to the Romans, the Crusaders and the British rulers of the past.

The PA TV video shows a woman who apparently represents “ancient Palestinians” (or possibly Muslims) going through the history of the land and replacing the Jewish people's actual history. The woman is introduced in a peaceful scene feeding birds in a period predating the Roman conquest of Judea and destruction of the Temple in 70 CE. Suddenly the scene is disturbed, the birds scatter and the woman runs away from various foreign invaders: first an ancient Roman soldier, then a Crusader, then a British soldier, and finally a Jew (wearing a skullcap), who throws a lit cigarette at her.

In the final scene, the woman stops fleeing when a man on a horse, representing the “new” Muslim conqueror Saladin who defeated the Crusaders, extends his hand and helps her up the mountain. He represents the coming savior who will "liberate Palestine" from Jewish-Israeli rule.

PMW noted that the woman seems to represent a fictitious ancient Palestinian people and the other figures symbolize different foreign rulers in the land of Israel. Jews/Israelis are portrayed as the current foreigners, who will be defeated like the Romans, the Crusaders and the British.

The official PA TV network often broadcasts programs which incite against Israel. Recently, the station broadcast a song accusing Israel of fighting a religious war against Arabs. In fact, it is the PA itself which has long presented the religious belief that the fight against Israel is for Allah and for Islam and, accordingly, has presented the conflict with Israel as a fight on behalf of all Muslims to liberate what they claim is Islamic holy land.

The network has also publicly glorified the use of terrorism to achieve an independent state. A recent song broadcast by the network states that violence and “Martyr's blood” will be used to achieve statehood.

It demonizes Israel as a “treacherous aggressor,” and vilifies the Jewish State as a “sinner.”

The network is sponsored by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who is often described by Israeli leaders as the moderate of the Arab leaders, as opposed to terror groups such as Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, and who is a “partner for peace”.