Danon: Get Terrorists Out of Knesset

Ahmed Tibi is “a terrorist dressed up as an MK,” Danon says as Arab MK tells Gaza to “stand strong.”

Maayana Miskin ,

MK Danny Danon
MK Danny Danon
Flash 90

MK Danny Danon (Likud) slammed fellow MK Ahmed Tibi (Balad) on Monday as the latter told Gaza to “stand strong.”

“Tibi is a terrorist dressed up as a Member of Knesset,” said Danon. He called on Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to expel Tibi from Knesset.

On the Sabbath, as Gaza terrorists fired several dozen rockets at Israeli civilians in the south, Tibi wrote on the Facebook social networking site: “Gaza, you are strong, Gaza, you stand firm!” His statements were widely seen as praise of terrorist attacks.

“One million Israelis are living under rocket fire from terrorist extremists in Gaza, and Tibi chooses to praise the terrorists – all of the red lines have been crossed,” Danon declared. “We must no longer ignore the terrorist cell developing in the Israeli Knesset.”

Arab party MKs, and Tibi in particular, are growing increasingly bold in their open incitement against Israel, Danon warned. He cited Tibi’s praise for terrorist “martyrs” and Arab MKs’ presence as representatives of “Palestine” at a Doha conference as proof.

While Tibi is under investigation, he should not be given access to classified material available to most MKs, Danon said. The second step must be to oust him from Knesset “over his support for the armed struggle against the state of Israel.”

“In any other country, he would already be behind bars for life,” Danon added.