Terrorist Who was Run Over Gets 12.5 Years

Military court sentences Wassim Maswada, who attempted two murders and was run over by a Kiryat Arba man.

Gil Ronen ,

Scene of the incident
Scene of the incident

The military court in Ofer sentenced terrorist Wassim Maswada to 12.5 years in jail Sunday for two attempted murders in the Kiryat Arba gas station in November of 2009.

Maswada came to the gas station armed with an axe and a knife. He entered the convenience store and stabbed Tamar Mizrachi in the neck with the knife. She called her husband, David, on the phone and said "I am being stabbed!"

The terrorist then accosted a man who was fueling his car and stabbed him in the back of the neck. A security guard at the station fired at the terrorist and hit him.

Meanwhile David Mizrachi arrived on the scene. He drove back and forth over Maswada until the soldiers forced him to stop (see video). Maswada eventually recovered from his injuries.

Mizrachi, 57, was sentenced to three months' community service for running over the terrorist who stabbed his wife. Mizrachi, 57, was convicted in June of serious assault as part of a plea bargain. The court took into account the tragic circumstances of Mizrachi's life, which include the deaths of two of his children.