'We Value Life' Calls for Death Penalty

Dr. Abe Gill of the organization 'We Value Life' says Israel should institute a death penalty for terrorists.

Ben Bresky ,

Josh Hasten
Josh Hasten
A7 Staff

Dr. Abe Gill of the organization “We Value Life” stated that the Israeli government should institute a death penalty for terrorists who carry out attacks against Israeli citizens. Dr. Gill spoke to Israel National Radio's Reality Bytes podcast with investigative journalist Josh Hasten. 

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"They will try and convince us that our view is not moral and it will not motivate them to stop," Dr. Gill stated, "But they say the devil is in the details. We are united. We have over 2,000 members in our group and we are growing all the time. I think this is a matter of justice. The blood of the victims is crying out. 

Dr. Gill said that Samir Kuntar, a terrorist that murdered five people including a four-year old was eventually released from Israeli prison. "He now has two academic degrees and is considered a hero, " Dr. Gill stated. Dr. Gill said the two killers in the Fogal family massacre could one day be released as well. He added that their group included Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Hindu members.

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