Jerusalem Runs in New7Wonders Cities

Jerusalem has just entered the New7Wonders Cities contest, and there's no time to waste. Vote now for the holiest city on earth!

Chana Ya'ar ,

Jerusalem Day
Jerusalem Day
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Just when you thought it was safe to assume there would be no more "best of... " competitions this year, with only three days left to go till the end of 2011, Israel has joined a new race, this time entering its capital city into the international contest for top city of the world.

The holy city is running to become the winner of the New7Wonders Cities international competition -- but time is short.

Nominations can only be submitted until January 6, so it's important to get the votes in right now.

The competition can be seen at the New7Wonders website and for those who "tweet," on the Twitter social media New7Wonders page.

The third such campaign organized by New 7 Wonders, it was preceded this year by one for the wonders of the world, and one for the wonders of nature.

Israel's Dead Sea was in the top 14 finalists, but missed making the top 7 winners in the New7Wonders of the World contest a few months ago.

Bernard Weber, Founder-President of New7Wonders, issued a call meanwhile for "a conversation" about the work of the organization in a video message posted on YouTube.

Speaking from his office in the Heidi Weber Museum in Zurich, Switzerland, he urged Internet users to use Moderator, the YouTube function that allows people to ask questions in text and video form, to engage with him about the New7Wonders organization and its challenges.