Video Hanukkah Song by Anglo Olim

Three “olim” teamed up using their musical talents to turn out a video version of the Hanukkah song Maoz Tzur with English subtitles.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu ,

Lighting Chanukah candles
Lighting Chanukah candles
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Three “olim” from New York and London teamed up, using their musical talents to turn out a video version of the Chanukah song Maoz Tzur with English subtitles.

Rob Shur, who moved from New York to Beit Shemesh this past summer, told Arutz Sheva that he, another native New Yorker and a friend from London wanted to produce a song that is more plain and simple, yet entertaining, than many other music videos.

The YouTube video features dozens of slides of Hanukkah Menorahshannukiyot – and pictures of the Pyramids and of the Biblical Mordecai, among others, to illustrate different verses in the traditional song, which is sung after lighting Hanukkah candles every night of the eight-day holiday. Of course, there also are pictures of dreidels and sufganiyot, the Israeli Hanukkah staple, deep fried jelly doughnuts.                 

The video describes the various exiles the Jewish people have undergone as well as G-d's salvation during each one,” Shur said.

He is a Program Coordinator at Yeshiva University, and the other musician-singers are Ephy Greene and Mark Mays, rabbis at yeshivas in Israel.