Hevron Police Chief Extols Cave of Patriarchs

"Our primary goal is that not only Jews from Diaspora but also residents of Israel will flock to this holy site."

Gil Ronen ,

Cave of the Patriarchs
Cave of the Patriarchs
Arutz Sheva

The commander of the Hevron Region of the Israel Police, Col. Yitzchak Rachamim, partook in the candle lighting ceremony at the Cave of Patriarchs Wednesday. 

"Our primary goal is that not only Jews from Diaspora will visit the Cave of Patriarchs, but also the residents of Israel will all flock in multitudes to this holy site," he said.

"We identify fully with the importance of the place – this is the foundation of the state of Israel," he added. "The policemen and officers of the Hevron Region serve in this dear and holy place out of a sense of mission, challenge and destiny."

"I have a wish, for the Israel Police's Hevron Region, along with the army and the Shin Bet and all of the organizations and security components, together with the settlement enterprise, the rabbis and heads of communities – that G-d will light our path all year round, to provide personal security and quality of life to the residents, and that we will deal only with projects that strengthen the unity of the Nation of Israel, the completeness of the land, and the vision of serving in such a holy place."