IDF Hanukkah Supply: 685,000 Donuts

Holiday 'order of battle' for Jewish army includes 9,000 menorahs.

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Gil Ronen ,

Israel news photo: Flash 90

The IDF is preparing for the eight-day Jewish holiday of Hanukkah by supplying traditional sweet holiday donuts – sufganiot – to every base and post.

The IDF Website reports that "Every IDF soldier will feel the holiday spirit and enjoy the traditional foods and customs."

The Food Department at the IDF Technological and Logistics Center will supply 385 thousand fresh sufganiyot that are to reach every IDF unit.

300 thousand frozen sufganiyot are also supplied to a variety bases to be thawed and warmed by IDF kitchens in the coming eight days, spreading out the Hanukkah spirit – and accompanying calories – throughout the holiday.

Over 9,000 Hanukkah menorahs will be distributed to all IDF units, so that every base will be able to participate in the mitzvah of lighting candles each night of the holiday.