100th Submariner's Course Graduates

Navy Commander tells soldiers, "From now, covertness and lethality will characterize your mission."

Gil Ronen ,

Submariners' course training.
Submariners' course training.
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The newest crew members of the Israel Navy's submarine fleet graduated from their challenging 14-months training course Sunday. The graduates will be absorbed into their roles in the coming days, reported the IDF Website.

The course was the 100th since Israel received its first submarines.

Israel Navy Commander Major General Ram Rothberg addressed the course graduates.

"Together, you will now operate to protect the security of the state of Israel, above and beneath the water," he said. "You are a unique group that volunteered to take on a tough and complicated mission that no other people but you would perform and which requires calmness, mental fortitude, excellence, leadership, prestige, love and respect for others, teamwork under extraordinary pressure and adherence to the task."

"You will conduct the mission responsibly, covertly, and under uncertain conditions," Maj. Gen. Rothberg continued. "From now, covertness and lethality will characterize your mission."