UWI to Celebrate Chanukah with IDF Soldiers

United with Israel, the world's first global movement for Israel, will hold a Chanukah party at an IDF base next week.

Elad Benari ,

UWI Celebrates Purim with Soldiers
UWI Celebrates Purim with Soldiers
Israel news photo: United With Israel

United with Israel, in conjunction with the Thank Israeli Soldiers organization, will be holding its first annual IDF Chanukah party on Sunday.

During the party, American and Israeli students and families will join together with Israeli soldiers and commanders at a base on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

The event will feature music, dancing, traditional Chanukah food and the traditional nightly candle lighting.

The candles in this particular party will be lit using the “Kassam Rocket Menorah,” a chanukiyah that was created from the remains of Qassam rockets that exploded in Israel. An Israeli artist has transformed these missiles of terror into something of unique beauty and light.

As well, a special ceremony will be held in honor of the soldiers in which ‘Warm Winter’ care packages from United with Israel supporters will be given to them. Personal letters from admirers all around the world will be presented as an expression of gratitude and unity.

United with Israel is the world’s first Global Movement for Israel. It was founded by Jewish families who are deeply committed to the success and prosperity of Israel and is having a major impact throughout the world.

UWI offers and enables a direct connection with the people, country and land of Israel, and harnesses the power of social media and alternative communications technologies to expand its global network of pro-Israel activists.

UWI’s huge global base of supporters (in over 100 countries) and mastery of social and alternative media technology empowers millions of people around the world to advocate for Israel globally and in their local communities.