Officials Visit Illegal Mosque, Builders Unfazed

Police and PMO officials have toured the illegal Mount of Olives mosque, but construction continues.

Gil Ronen ,

Mosque construction.
Mosque construction.
Aryeh King

The police and officials from the Prime Minister's Office have been visiting the site of the illegal mosque being built next to the Mount of Olives Cemetery, but the builders are undeterred.

Aryeh King, Chairman of the Fund for Israel's Lands, reported Sunday that construction goes on apace despite the visits.

"Last week," he said, "there was a visit by a delegation including the Jerusalem police, representatives of the Prime Minister's Office and other elements involved in enforcing the law in eastern Jerusalem – including the Mount of Olives. Despite the top level visit, construction was renewed immediately after the state representatives left." 

King documented the continued construction Sunday; see the photographs below.

"The Jerusalem Police and the Jerusalem municipality blame each other and the Arabs keep on enjoying life," he commented. "Where is [Minister] Benny Begin, who is so intent on enforcing the law toward Jews, when this illegal structure is being built just 15 meters from the grave of his late father?"

Photos by Aryeh King