Israeli Tech Enables Touchscreen Blind Typing

Inpris, a small Israeli company from Efrat, will change the way you type on your smartphones. All you need is intuition.

Elad Benari & Yoni Kempinski ,

Yoni Kempinski

Many people use smartphones these days, but sometimes the drawback of these phones is actually their high-tech touchscreen.

Many times, routine typing on the touchscreen becomes more difficult because we have to look at the screen while typing, and also because the digital keyboard actually covers about half of the screen area.

Along came Inpris, a small family company from the community of Efrat, and took upon itself to create an alternative. The company has come up with the keyboard of the future for smartphone and tablets. The keyboard uses an intuitive way of writing based on the movements of the fingers rather than pressing a certain point on the screen.

“It’s an intuitive ergonomic keyboard,” said Inpris CEO Nissan Yaron. “Instead of the QWERTY keyboard that cuts off half of your screen and forces you to constantly look at the screen, find the characters and twist your shoulders, we tell you to sit down, relax, put your hand on the screen and just type as you wish.”

“Our keyboard is also transparent,” he added, “so if you decide to look at the screen, it doesn’t cut off the website that you’re working on.”

Yaron said that the new keyboard in essence requires the user to learn a new concept.

“I give you a default way of typing,” he said. “That’s a new language, but at any time you can change the way you type using your intuition. So study yourself, use your intuition to type on the touchscreen anyway you like, and you don’t have to use the 140-year-old QWERTY keyboard.”

The software is in final stages of development and is expected to be launched within a few weeks. Yaron said that the software will first be available on Android-based systems, adding that the company hopes to “start a revolution in typing on touchscreen devices.”