Israeli Company Plants a Flag in the Cloud

Long before Google and Amazon, Israeli startup Clarizen was using the cloud to provide services for thousands of clients around the world.

TechIsrael Staff ,

Avinoam Nowogrodski
Avinoam Nowogrodski

The cloud, as “everyone” knows today, is where it's at in computing. With the cloud – the hosting of applications and data over the internet – companies can more easily share data between users, encourage clients to use your solutions, more efficiently roll out product updates. The point, of course, save money by implementing solutions remotely, instead of having to send out personnel to take care of clients and remote office locations.

From all the hoopla surrounding the cloud, you would think that it was discovered one day out of the blue a couple of years ago by Google and Amazon. Of course, you have to give those two giants their due; but the cloud has many other important players – one of them being Israeli startup Clarizen. Clarizen was working in “the cloud” when it was still just “the internet” - before the big guys discovered it. As a result, Clarizen has been able to plant an Israeli flag in a significant portion of the software-as-a-service (SAAS) space, providing online tools for companies to manage almost every aspect of their business – and stay organized.

One of the biggest pitfalls for managers is losing control of the process of business – with things in the organization deteriorating to the point where different individuals, groups, and even whole divisions work at cross-purposes, repeat tasks and projects already the responsibility of someone else, and, of course, waste gobs of money and time. But thanks to a list of management tools, including project scheduling, collaborative planning, time tracking, task management, and budget tracking, and much more, Clarizen ensures that projects run as smoothly as possible. Now there are no excuses; everyone in the organization can stay up to date on schedules, goals, and especially what they are expected to do, by when, and to what end.

Clarizen's services are ideal for small and mid-size companies that cannot afford large management staffs, says Clarizen CEO Avinoam Nowogrodski. “Software, services and support for management systems cost a lot of money, and the expenses tend to grow with time. Our solutions are scalable and can fit any size business, and grow as the business does. Companies pay a monthly fee and use the services they need. We do all the back-office work, keeping costs down for clients.” Although most of Clarizen's clients are smaller, Nowogrodski says, “we have a good number of larger companies that based their management systems on Clarizen as well. We have about 200 new companies joining us every day.” Indeed, the roster of companies big and small that use Clarizen for either some or all of their projects – including NASA, Hertz, Lenovo, Fujitsu, UPS, GE Healthcare, and NBC, among many others – is quite impressive.

Established in Hod Hasharon in 2007 (on the basis of a previously existing Israeli startup), Clarizen has gone on to become a worldwide phenomenon (all development is still done in Israel), and has gone on to be one of the most successful Israeli startups in recent years, having won numerous awards – and the gratitude of thousands of managers, who can sleep a little better at night knowing that Clarizen is on the job!