Tax Authority: Ben Yosef was Terror Victim

Ben Yosef Livnat was gunned down by PA "police" at the Tomb of Joseph. Property Tax Authority now accepts this was a terror act.

Gil Ronen ,

Ben Yosef Livnat
Ben Yosef Livnat
Uriah Heller

The Property Tax Authority has recognized the April incident in which Palestinian Authority (PA) police murdered yeshiva student Ben Yosef Livnat as a terror act.

The Authority will compensate Roi Nagar, who owns the car in which Livnat was shot to death, with 12,000 shekels. The car was riddled with holes from bullets fired by the murder.  

It took the Ministry of Defense about four weeks after the killing to accept that Livnat was the victim of a terror attack. 

Israel officially considers the PA police a legitimate security force, yet does not recognize the PA as a state, and was therefore uncertain at first about how to classify the murder. The Tax Authority initially declined to compensate Nagar because, it said, his car had not been damaged "in an act of war" as defined by law.

Nagar enlisted the help of the Human Rights in Yesha organization headed by Orit Strook. The group filed an appeal of the decision but the Authority replied that Livnat had acted illegally and irresponsibly by entering the Joseph's Tomb compound without permission. 

Human Rights in Yesha filed a second appeal and this time, it was successful. 

Orit Strook, Head of Human Rights in Yesha, said: "Time after time, the State had difficulty recognizing that Ben Yosef Livnat was killed because he was Jewish. If the Defense Ministry recognized Livnat as a terror victim, a simple deduction leads to the conclusion that the damage to the car should also be seen as having been terror."