Tweet it to the World, in a Dozen Languages

Twitrans, sponsored by startup allows you to get free, high quality translations of your tweets in 14 languages.

TechIsrael Staff ,


If you've got something to tell the world, chances are one of the places you're going to shout it out is on Twitter, where you can reach thousands, if not millions, of people around the world, transmitting your message in 140 characters. Unfortunately, though, your message is limited to being read by the people who can read what you've written – those who read English.

Now, it may seem as if everyone in the world reads English, but rest assured, they do not; and really, it's just good business (or politics) to address your potential audience in their native tongue. You could, for example, send an English-language message aimed at residents of Japan – many of them read and write it – but you'll get yourself much more attention, and much more “street cred,” by writing the message in Japanese.

This is something you can do, using an automated service like Google Translate. But while the Google service is great when you're looking for the definition of an individual word, it tends to fall down on the job when  translating terms or sentences, with syntax and usage often just not up to par – especially for more “exotic” languages.

There is an alternative, though: a free Twitter translation service, called Twitrans, a free service by the Israeli translation startup, One Hour Translation. Users send a message to the Twitrans service (@twitrans) with their original text and the language they want to convert the text into. After a few minutes, they get an expertly translated result – the work of a human (not computerized!) translator, who gets the usage and syntax right!

OHT is a one of the biggest translation service firms in the world, with nearly 10,000 translators working in 57 languages in 100 countries, and offers quick, easy, and inexpensive translations to and from a host of languages.

Having those kinds of numbers, says  Ofer Shoshan, CEO and co-founder of, means that “we're able to get a translation project to a relevant, native-speaking translator within a few minutes on a 24/7 basis, no matter where the translator is. The main improvement in time comes from reducing the time it takes a suitable translator to start the actual translation work.”

And the price is right, too, says Shoshan. “Our customers pay according to the number of words they need to translate, no matter what language combination,” a better deal for the customer than at traditional agencies. The Twitrans service, however, is free (the translators get paid, by the way).

OHT was established in 2008 by Shoshan, Yaron Kaufman, Dr. Lior Liebman, and Oren Yagev, after they found a need for a good, quick translation service during the course of their own work, The company was established with private capital – and it's been profitable from the beginning, with annual sales in the millions.

Translations are a $25 billion a year industry – and OHT is in a great position to capitalize on that business, thanks to its quick and easy service. Tweet it out – and tell the world, using the free Twitrans service!