Revealed: Illegal Muslim Burial on Temple Mount

Jerusalem Muslims continue to conduct illegal burials along the walls of the Temple Mount, group reveals.

Maayana Miskin ,

Temple Mount, Old City
Temple Mount, Old City
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Despite calls to protect the holy site, Jerusalem Muslims continue to bury their dead along the walls of the Temple Mount, according to a report in Maariv. The most recent funerals were revealed by the Committee to Prevent the Destruction of Temple Mount Antiquities.

The burials took place despite a government promise, made in response to a Supreme Court appeal, to prevent a takeover of the important area.

The land in question part of a national park area in which burial is prohibited. The burials are not only illegal, but prevent archaeologists from accessing places with tremendous historic value, experts say.

Representatives from the Committee to Prevent Destruction slammed Jerusalem police for allowing funerals to continue. “The police continue their policy of buying quiet at any price, of avoiding fulfilling their duty,” a spokesman said.

Police “are ready to sacrifice our archaeological property, as long as they won’t be forced to do their mission,” he added.

A total of several dozen people have been buried along the Temple Mount walls in recent years. In addition, local Arabs have created fake graves in the area in order to establish a Muslim presence.