MK Kara: Terrorists Descended from the Devil

MK Ayoub Kara calls to strike the heads of terror groups who hide behind "little shaheeds."

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Gil Ronen ,

Ayoub Kara
Ayoub Kara
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Deputy Minister MK Ayoub Kara (Likud) warned Sunday that Israel can no longer practice restraint in the face of the terror attacks against its civilians. Every terror attack requires a counterstrike against the terror groups' leaders, he said, "who hide like cowards behind 'little shaheeds' who are promised 72 virgins."

Kara spoke before an audience of 15,000 people at a stadium in Budapest, at a day saluting Israel initiated by Hungary's Faith Church. 

"There is no religion that preaches murder, and these Jihad and Hamas terrorists are descendants of the Devil," he added.

"Israel is the key to the free world in the Middle East, and strengthening it disrupts radical Islam's plan to take over the Arab states with its teachings and continue from there to the enlightened world. Recent events in our region prove that a chicken is worth more than a human being in Damascus nowadays, yet the hypocritical world does not even initiate a ceasefire, and instead looks at Israel's every action through a magnifying glass and denounces it disproportionately." 

The Pentecostal Faith Church is a strong advocate of Christian Zionism, and well known for its commitment to support the State of Israel. Pastor Sándor Németh, who leads the church, said that "Hungary joins the support of Israel like the U.S., Canada and many other countries, because this is G-d's will according to the Bible."