Unity Will be Our Revenge on Terror'

The sister of stabbing victim Yehuda Ne'emad tells Arutz Sheva's Hebrew news magazine the best revenge on terror is the unity of Israel.

Chana Ya'ar ,

Scene of the stabbing
Scene of the stabbing
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The best revenge for terror is the unity of Israel, according to the sister of 17-year-old victim of terror Yehuda Na'amad, who was stabbed Saturday afternoon on Zarchi Street in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramot. Na'amad was rushed to Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center, where he is listed in stable condition following surgery for stab wounds to the abdomen and back.

Israel Police and IDF soldiers have been searching for the attacker, who fled the scene after stabbing Na'amad and chasing his friend and a 12-year-old girl in the neighborhood as well. It is believed he came from the nearby Palestinian Authority Arab village of Beit Iksa, situated about half a kilometer away, between Ramot and Mevasseret Tzion.

Yael Nikar shared the Na'amad family's feelings about the attack on Sunday in a broadcast interview with Arutz Sheva's Hebrew language news magazine.

Nikar said that doctors report her brother's condition is improving, and that the surgeries to repair the stab wounds he suffered at the hands of the terrorist, were successful. Even so, said the doctors, it is still too early to decide when to awaken Ne'emad from the artificial sedation-induced slumber that is keeping him unaware of his pain -- and which is preventing him from telling the story of the attack.

Nevertheless, his sister contends that she can see a great miracle in the moment when the terrorist attacked the teen and his friend. "Yehuda and the boys were sitting there, and the terrorist came who was just simply waiting there to stab him and chased him and his friend," she related, stressing that it is not clear which came first, the stabbing or the chasing. "We're not as concerned with these details -- we're more concerned with how to stay strong, and how to strengthen [Yehuda] -- and to understand that a great miracle happened here.

"It's very painful that Yehuda was hurt, but the way we see it, there was a huge miracle in that he is alive, and that [the terrorist] did not manage to stab any others, and that the areas in which Yehuda was wounded will heal. You have to see that a great, massive miracle happened here, and say 'thank you' that it ended in this way," she says.

Ne'emad's sister also finds a clear and decisive message for the entire People of Israel.

"What this terrorist is doing is saying to us, 'Continue to settle and live here, continue to be proud in our land and in our Judaism. Here I am showing you the People of Israel in all its unity, the people who pray and who worry about each other.

"We feel that G-d loves us and gives us opportunities to see Him and to see our people. In which other country can you see such love, such help, such prayer and such a bond? We are the Chosen People, and not like others. We need to remember this, and to unite. This will be our revenge on terror."