Beit Orot Connects Jews to Jerusalem

The Sukkot activities by Beit Orot - The Irving Moskowitz Yeshiva & Campus connect Jewish families to Jerusalem.

Elad Benari & Yoni Kempinski ,

Sukkot at Beit Orot
Sukkot at Beit Orot
Yoni Kempinski

One of the many family activities taking place during the intermediary days of Sukkot, Chol HaMoed, is “Jerusalem Comes to Life”, organized by Beit Orot - The Irving Moskowitz Yeshiva & Campus.

“Jerusalem Comes to Life” includes family activities which take place on the Mount of Olives Ridge. The activities include guided hikes, inflatable rides, Segway tours, zip-line, rappelling, archaeological sifting, street theater, arts & crafts and more.

The main event will be held on Monday evening, October 17, when Hasidic musician Chilik Frank hosts Simchat Beit Hashoeva at Mitspe Hamasuot. 

“We’re not trying to be another festival or another happening,” Elyasaf Varman, Head of Planning and Managing at Beit Orot - The Irving Moskowitz Yeshiva & Campus, told Arutz Sheva. “We’re trying to be something different.”

Varman explained that the main objective is to personally connect each visitor who comes to the festivities to the city of Jerusalem, adding that the authorities are behind the event.

“It’s all relevant to the way that we treat everything,” he said. “If we feel certain of where we are, if we’re happy, so will the municipality and the police. This is a chain that never ends. We feel good – and they’re feeling good.”

Part of the attraction, noted Varman, is a nearby construction area.

“We’re very proud to be building 24 permanent homes for families to come and live here and to say that this is a Jewish spot in Jerusalem,” he said. “This is a Jewish post and from here we’ll never leave.”