September Spike in Road Deaths

44 people were killed in traffic accidents last month, compared with 25 is September 2010.

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Gil Ronen ,

Accident (file)
Accident (file)
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Forty four people were killed in traffic accidents on Israel's roads in September, compared with 25 in the same month last year. Since January 2011, 315 people have been killed in road accidents.  

MK Ze'ev Bielsky (Kadima) said Sunday that "this is a trend that is becoming worse and justifies urgent action."

In a letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu he explained: "Unfortunately, despite the severe situation as concerns road accidents, the government under your leadership has not been convened for a comprehensive and thorough discussion of the subject and it seems that the murder that continues to run rampant on the roads will not be properly addressed."

MK Bielsky asked Netanyahu to convene such a debate, adding that the government appears at times to accept the road accident scourge as a preordained destiny.

"There cannot be such a sharp rise in the number of people killed without someone in the government weighing in on the matter," he stated.