NGO: Arrests in Tuba Case will End in Nothing

Sources close to the man arrested Sunday say arrest shows only that the police want to show numerous detainees.

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Gil Ronen ,

Aftermath of mosque fire
Aftermath of mosque fire
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Honenu, the NGO that helps Jewish nationalist prisoners, said Sunday evening that the arrest of a second suspect earlier in the day with connection to the Tuba Zangariya mosque arson does not mean police have a case against him or the youth arrested last week.

Honenu said that the person arrested Sunday was initially only called in for questioning. However, police then surprisingly decided to leave him in custody.

Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar filed an urgent appeal against the arrest and the suspect will be brought before the Magistrates' Court in Petakh Tikva Monday morning.

Keidar, who represents the suspect, says that he denies any connection to the torching of the mosque.

Sources close to the arrestee said: "We understand the police's wish to present as many arrestees as possible, but we believe that in the end, after the parade of suspects and detainees, the mountain will give birth to a mouse ."