IDF to Guard Security Fence from Mobs

Judea and Samaria Division reviews all 430 kilometers of the fence, to ensure that all of its parts are in order.

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Gil Ronen ,

Foreign protesters against 'wall'
Foreign protesters against 'wall'
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The IDF Central Command is conducting preparations for the possibility that Palestinian Authority (PA) rioters in Judea and Samaria will attempt to damage the security fence during mass processions and violent disturbances that could occur if a PA state is declared in the coming month.

According to a report in the IDF Website, soldiers of the Judea and Samaria Division recently performed a thorough review of the 430 kilometers of the security fence, to ensure that all of its parts are in order.

The purpose of the security fence is to prevent terrorists and illegal trespassers from entering Israel. The fence supplements constant IDF and Shin Bet activity in collecting intelligence and conducting arrests among Arab troublemakers and terrorists.

PA Arabs under Yasser Arafat conducted a campaign of horrific bombings specifically directed against Jewish civilians – on buses and in hotels, restaurants and pizza parlors – from September 2000 onwards. The campaign petered out in 2005, after part of the fence had been completed and the IDF returned to patrol in Arab cities and villages.

The global pro-PA spin machine successfully portrayed the fence as "an apartheid wall," as part of a campaign of libel that paints Israel as an evil "white" colonialist nation oppressing innocent "native" Arabs.

In fact, Jews are the original inhabitants of Israel, and the name "Judea" is the Latinized version of the ancient Hebrew name for the territory, from which the English word "Jew" also evolved.