Abbas 'Cooperating on September'

PA security forces will contain September demonstrations so that they do not turn into a war, say security sources.

Gil Ronen,

Mass riot on border with Syria (file)
Mass riot on border with Syria (file)
Flash 90

Israel's security forces and the Palestinian Authority are cooperating on containing the riots expected in September, when the PA asks the United Nations for recognition as a full-fledged state. This – according to a report in's Hebrew edition. 

The PA security forces are preparing to keep possible riots from deteriorating into mass assaults on Israeli communities, or a "third intifada."

PA security forces have largely been trained and funded by the United States. They play a double game, cooperating with Israel on containing Hamas but also committing terror themselves as the PA leadership frees Hamas prisoners

Abbas has reportedly given instructions to keep riots in Judea and Samaria on a "low flame" in September. PA forces are supposed to prevent rioters from crossing certain "red lines" around IDF bases and Jewish communities. 

There have also been reports that PA security chiefs are concerned that a declaration of a statehood would force them to exert sovereignty in areas where the IDF is in control, leading to a direct armed conflict with Israel which they would be bound to lose.

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