Terror Alert in Jerusalem

Intelligence says a terror squad intends to attack inside the Holy City.

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Gil Ronen ,

Checkpoint traffic
Checkpoint traffic
Arutz Sheva

The Jerusalem Police raised the level of alert in Jerusalem Sunday after receiving intelligence that a squad of Arab terrorists intends to carry out an attack inside the city.

The district police headquarters said roadblocks have been added and the police force in the city has been augmented. Vehicle inspections are being carried out, and suspicious looking people are being searched for weapons.  
The intelligence information is of a general, not specific, nature. It is known that terrorists intend to enter Jerusalem and carry out an attack. The time range for the attack is described as "immediate."
There are traffic jams at the Hizme checkpoint in northern Jerusalem, in both directions. Traffic is also crawling near Maale Adumim and coming through the tunnel road from Gush Etzion, due to security checks.