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Meet the New Immigrant IDF Soldiers

104 soon-to-be-soldiers landed in Israel on today's NBN summer flight. We spoke with some of them. Prepare to be inspired...

Yoni Kempinski, Ben Gedalyahu ,

New Immigrant Soldiers
New Immigrant Soldiers
Yoni Kempinski


Arutz Sheva spoke with some of the soon-to-be-soldiers who landed in Israel on Tuesday's NBN latest summer flight of 360 new Israeli citizens, including a record number of 104 olim on their way to the IDF.

The group of new enlistees is made up of 61 young men, many of whom are going to serve in elite combat units, and 43 young women, who have signed up to serve in Oketz, the unit that uses trained dogs, and in medical and educational units.

“I want to be part of Israel. It is easy to talk but it is more important to do something,” said one young man named Daniel after he arrived from the United States.

Immigration Minister Sofa Landver told the newcomers, “Aliyah of young people like you enlisting into the IDF not only strengthens the security backbone but also the national backbone of the country.”