Kuwaiti Cop Goes on Ramadan Murder Spree

Four foreign workers slain as Kuwaiti police officer goes on Ramadan killing spree when he found two eating before iftar.

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Police in Kabad
Police in Kabad
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Four foriegn workers were murdered by a Kuwaiti police officer who found two of them eating ten minutes before iftar, the breaking of the fast of Ramadan, Kuwaiti news outlets say.

The officer went on his killing spree in the Sa'ad Al Abdullah in Kabad and Salmi on the first day of Ramadan, according to reports.

Other officers rushed to Kabad after receiving a call from a water-tanker driver who saw the bodies of two Asians inside a barn that belonged to the family of the alleged killer.

A manhunt was immediately launched for the suspect, who was arrested three hours later in the Sabah Health Area near the Psychiatric Hospital, Arab Times daily reported.

The suspect reportedly confessed to the crime telling police he used a shotgun to kill the two Asian barn workers, a janitor and a tea-boy, after he found them eating 10 minutes before iftar.

He also reportedly told police he killed another Asian laborer in his father’s house in Sa'ad Al Abdullah and one in Salmi. He also tried killing his father’s domestic helper, an Ethiopian, but she managed to run to her room before he fired at her.

The suspect did not explain the reasons for killing the two Asians in Sa'ad Al Abdullah, and Salmi or the motive for attempting to murder the domestic helper.

Officials say the officer was on indefinite leave due to mental illness when the slayings took place.