PA Summer Camp : Exclusive Photos

David Bedein had an Arab crew take pictures PA camp that UNRWA aids. UNRWA's spokesman invited him for lunch to talk about it.

Arutz Sheva ,

David Bedein
David Bedein
Behind the Scene

A heated argument has been taking place on Arutz Sheva's op-ed page between Christopher Gunness, UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency created especially for the Arab "refugees") spokesman in Israel, and David Bedein, head of the Israel Resource News Agency, Center for Near East Policy Research in Jerusalem, about whether UNRWA bears responsibility for programs that promote destroying Israel at UNRWA-aided schools.

It was sparked by Bedein's op-ed on A7, “For My Daughter to Read at Auschwitz,” in which he described the anti-Semitic “Right of Return” curriculum he said is being taught at UNRWA-affiliated summer and UNRWA-aided "refugee" camps in the Palestinian Authority.

He also gave the link to a website which is used to teach a syllabus that includes information on how to take over one’s “family’s home” in Israel by force.

Gunness issued a rebuttal, Bedein responded, Guiness attacked Bedein’s response and Bedein then sent these photos to Arutz Sheva in lieu of another written response.

Bedein had an Arab TV crew, with whom he communicated by remote control, take these exclusive pictures.

The road pictured  is the one leading the "refugee" to his home in Israel, while the key symbolizes the key to that home. The website used for teaching is Arutz Sheva recommends that you take a look at it.  It enables the third and fourth generation  "refugees" to identify the current status of villages from 1948 which no longer exist, to determine who lives there now, in preparation for their planned “return”.

According to Bedein, the  producers of the new UNRWA film, Palestinian Refugee Policy: From Despair to Hope, note that the website, represents "one of the most sophisticated educational tools used in the education of Palestinian school children who learn in the UNRWA summer camps".

Peace talks, anyone?

Well,  maybe UNRWA-Bedein talks. Arutz Sheva suggested that Bedein talk to Gunnes in person to hammer things out and they are talking about meeting over lunch on Monday. No preconditions, except kosher food.