Ancient Torah Found in Taibe

An ancient Torah scroll has been found in the Arab city of Taibe. Police are seeking the owner.

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Torah scroll
Torah scroll
Israel Police

Israeli Police made a surprising discovery Thursday as they searched a home in the predominantly Arab city of Taibe – an ancient Torah scroll.


The occupant of the house in which the scroll was found was arrested and taken in for questioning. The scroll was taken to the local police station as well.


Officers wrapped their hands carefully before moving it in order to avoid damaging the holy text.


Detectives believe the scroll was most likely stolen from a synagogue in central Israel. However, they have not yet located its owners, and are asking anyone with information to contact their nearest police station with details.

A Torah scroll is written carefully over the course of many months by a professional scribe or scribes. Scrolls cost tens of thousands of dollars or more, and police in Israel have previously nabbed several thieves who took scrolls from synagogues with the hope of reselling them.