Torah and the ‘Dangerous Mouse’

The computer mouse is a dangerous creature that can trap families into its clutches. Author Tzvi Fishman says the Torah can lead you to safety.

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu , | updated: 3:51 PM

Beware the Internet
Beware the Internet
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The temptations of the Internet challenge parents and children and worsen in the summer. Don’t end up saying, “The mouse made do it,” says writer Tzvi Fishman. He has written a pamphlet with steps based on the Torah to escape the mouse’s clutches.

Fishman told Arutz Sheva that he decided to write the booklet after a parent’s meeting at his son’s yeshiva in Israel. “The yeshiva rabbi warned us about what our children can be exposed to with laptops. When I blocked my son’s laptop from the possibility of entering the Internet, I thought I had solved the problem. But he discovered the opposite.

“The ‘third generation’ allows users to enter the Internet from the air, via WLAN, and lets them into undesired sites,” Fishman said.

He said the problem affects adults as well as children, and the problem of access to undesirable websites is “real plague to the young and old alike.”

He explained, ”A person sits in front of the computer screen, and with one click, he can enter the world of immodesty. It is difficult get out of it.

Fishman, a former Hollywood screen writer and an author, said he wrote “a guide of 12 steps based on the Torah and through which a person can fortify himself and get out of the trap.

“The main point is to fear G-d. When someone learns the seriousness of the problem and the damage the Internet can cause him and his family, it gives him the desire and will to get out of the darkness where he has found himself.

“He can find the light because this Golem has entered our home, offices and schools, and people must deal with it – parents, teachers and rabbis alike.

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