Expert: The Left Wants Civil War

Dr. Gabi Avital says that Judd Ne’eman’s statements are not out of line, they really reflect the left's heartfelt desire.

David ben Yacov , | updated: 3:55 PM


The Chairman of the Professors for a Strong Israel and ex-Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Education, Dr. Gabi Avital, responded to the inflammatory statements made by Israel Prize winner Yehuda "Judd" Ne’eman on Wednesday, in which he called for a civil war between leftist Israelis and the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, in an interview with Arutz Sheva radio.

“I see it from a 28-year perspective. Israel Prize winner A.B Yehoshua [Israeli author and playwright, and an ardent, untiring radical left activist in the  Peace Now Movement, ed.] said three decades ago that civil wars are globally accepted, happen everywhere, and that they are good for the nation, as the war straightens out the power imbalance between the sides.”

“The left wish for a civil war.  Then-Meretz MK Avshalom Vilan wrote 7 years ago, just before the evacuation of Gush Katif, ‘You must understand that we will fight the violence of extremist settlers and use every kind of self-defense, and if we have to – we will open fire.’ This is not a defensive democracy being described. It is democracy using aggression against its own citizens,” stressed Dr. Avital.

Dr. Avital is of the opinion that despite civil war being the wish of the radical left, It will never happen in Israel. “We won’t give them that pleasure,”

“Looking as it were through the eyes of the state prosecution, we always have to watch out for the law against sedition. If the Attorney General's office came to the conclusion that written sedition must be investigated, then they will have to investigate methodical, premeditated verbal statements as sedition as well. I expect them not to discriminate. If "they" decide not to interrogate "Judd" Ne’eman for whatever reasons, then they should also avoid investigating the right wing, and you know to whom I’m referring.”