Women Arrested for Arson, Freed

Yiska Weiss, 21, and a 17 year old released to home arrest, suspected of anti-Arab violence.

Gil Ronen , | updated: 3:22 PM

Nationalists (file).
Nationalists (file).
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Jerusalem Magistrates’ Court released Yiska Weiss, 21, from custody Tuesday and sent her to house arrest. It did the same with a 17 year old who was arrested along with Weiss. 

Police admitted in court that their evidence against the two was “weak.”
The young women were arrested along with two other minors on suspicion of setting fire to an Arab’s car in Hevron. The court released the two other minors last week.
The four young women were arrested separately over the last ten days for “a string of 'price tag' actions.” Weiss, the last one to be arrested, was taken into custody Sunday. 
"Price Tag" is the term used to denote suspected Jewish revenge acts aginst Arabs. Over the past two years there have been several such cases in which police believed Jews to be involved, but while arrests were made, charges have never stuck. As a rule, the cases involve minor vandalism.  
Attorney David Halevi of the Honenu organization, who represented the suspects, said that “it turns out that many of the police’s declarations have no basis in reality and that all of the statements about ‘price tag’ etc. are irrelevant.”