Egypt ‘Arrests Mossad Agent’

Egyptian newspaper claims Israeli agent provocateur tried to undo the January 25 rebellion. Israel: bogus report.

Gil Ronen , | updated: 6:50 PM

Egyptian Uprising as witnessed by Samuel Veng
Egyptian Uprising as witnessed by Samuel Veng
Israel news photo: Samuel Vengrinovich


Egypt has arrested a Mossad officer and the Egyptian Attorney General has begun supervising his interrogation, Egyptian newspaper Al Usbua reported. Israel has said that the report is bogus and the Israeli press appears to agree with this assesment.
The "Mossad officer" was reportedly arrested several days ago on suspicion of espionage, incitement to rioting and attempts to recruit Egyptian youth to carry out a dastardly Israeli plan to destabilize the country.
Egyptian paper Al-Yom al-Saba reported Sunday that the officer's name is Ilan Goren and that he was remanded to 15 more days of custody. He was reportedly arrested in a well-known Cairo hotel, with a laptop computer and theree cell phones.
Al Usbua quoted sources familiar with the investigation who said that the officer has already admitted that his mission was to undo the January 25 rebellion. He was to accomplish this by recruiting people with “weak personalities,” who were instructed to escalate violence. They were expected to urge other civilians to confront security forces and spark a civil war.
The evidence against him supposedly includes tapes of conversations he had and photographs that show him carrying out his missions. No formal Egyptian source has confirmed the report.