Dep. Foreign Min. to Address OAS

Danny Ayalon travels to El Salvador where he will call on OAS leaders to act against the Iranian threat.

Gil Ronen, | updated: 20:33

Danny Ayalon
Danny Ayalon
Israel news photo

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon leaves Israel Wednesday evening to participate in the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) and for an official visit to Mexico. This year’s summit of OAS member states will take place in El Salvador, with the participation of the leaders and foreign ministers of all Latin American countries. 

Deputy FM Ayalon will address the OAS General Assembly on the opening day, and meet with the foreign ministers. In his speech and meetings, DFM Ayalon will warn of the consequences of a unilateral Palestinian move in September, and “will clarify the meaning of the Fatah – Hamas reconciliation, in accordance with which responsible leaders ought to reconsider their policy,” a Ministry statement said. Ayalon will also call on the OAS leaders to act against the Iranian threat.
Ayalon will be interviewed on leading Spanish-language media channels, including CNN in Spanish, which are viewed by millions of Spanish-speaking households. In his interviews, he will explain the Israeli position regarding the processes in our region, including future anticipated events.
DFM Ayalon will begin his Latin American tour with an official visit to Mexico, where he will participate in a bilateral dialogue with his counterpart, Mexican Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs Lourdes Aranda. This is the second meeting within the framework of the bilateral dialogue.
In his meetings, DFM Ayalon will discuss the consequences of the strategic changes in the Middle East, and will warn of Iranian subversion, its support of terrorism and ambitions to obtain nuclear weapons. He will also explain the dangers inherent in the unilateral moves of the Palestinian Authority. In light of the strong bond between Israel and Mexico, methods of improving bilateral cooperation on a range of issues, including academia, education, technology, tourism