Video: Israel and U.S. Go Green

A video presented at the AIPAC conference shows how the US and Israel collaborate on green energy projects such as solar energy and electric cars.

Elad Benari , | updated: 8:03 AM

An electric car 'fueling up'
An electric car 'fueling up'
Israel news photo: AIPAC screenshot

One of several videos presented at the annual AIPAC policy conference this week shows how the United States and Israel collaborate on green energy projects. Israel has instituted green energy awareness in the IDF , agriculture, local government and the classroom.

Representative Steve Israel from New York championed a joint U.S.-Israel energy cooperation program, and he says he’s “on a mission to position the United States and Israel together in exploring new sources of energy.”

One way in which Israel and America work together, according to the video, is by using cutting edge Israeli solar technology to transform California’s Mojave Desert into an energy oasis that will provide power to 140,000 homes.

The Israeli system utilizes 100,000 mirrors and is able to produce electricity even during cloudy conditions and at night.

Israel is also a leader in water conservation technology and one of the leading companies in this field is TaKaDu, which is on the Dow Jones’ list of top clean technology start-ups in the world.

“People don’t realize it, but the water sector in any country in the western world is the biggest consumer of energy,” explained Amir Peleg, founder and CEO of TaKaDu. “TaKaDu is a company that uses mathematics and computer science in order to find leaks and bursts in water networks. We detect them, classify them, and alert the municipality that something is wrong and it is losing water and energy.”

Major cities in the world are now using TaKaDu’s technology to save water and energy.

And, of course, one cannot speak of green technology without mentioning Shai Agassi and his company Better Place, which converts countries into electric car-powered countries by building a new infrastructure that powers electric vehicles. Using electric vehicle technology eliminates the need to fill up cars with oil and significantly decreases the time required to “refuel” a vehicle.

The U.S. and Israel cooperate in this technology as well. When then San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom met Agassi, the two initiated a pilot program for Agassi’s technology in San Francisco’s taxis.