The New Breed of Matchmakers

Shirat Malach and the Yashfeh organization plan to systematically tackle the glut of single religious-Zionists.

Aryeh Ben Hayim, | updated: 13:43



The Yashfeh organization - the word literally means jasper, one of the 12 precious stones in the Hgh Priest's breastplate - seeks to revive and update the venerable tradition of Jewish matchmaking. INN featured the highly successful organization in depth several months ago and it has come up with a new way to expand its scope of operations since then.

Faced with the continuing stark reality of eligible singles in the religious Zionist world who are marrying later or not at all, the organization wants to try something new. The new measure is to recruit young people into the ranks of its volunteers, in the assumption that they are more familiar with the thinking of their generation and young people will be more likely to take advice and phone numbers from them.

While many young people already attempt to aid their friends in finding a shidukh (match), Yashfeh believes that this is being done in too narrow and haphazard a fashion rather than professionally and systematically.

Yashfeh's call for volunteers is directed to the entire religious-Zionist spectrum and therefore anybody who defines himself as such is welcome to join the staff, receive training and get to work.

Shirat Malach, the organization's CEO, claims that her organization wants to recruit between 700 and 800 young volunteers. "We are looking for people with strong interpersonal skills, who are sensitive, display empathy and respect for the singles and are not judgmental. The objective is to provide the personal service due to male and female singles who register with the organization."

For information on reaching the organization, click here (a Hebrew site).