Umm el-Fahm Resident Aided Hamas

A 52-year-old resident of Umm el-Fahm has been convicted of aiding Hamas.

Chana Ya'ar , | updated: 4:58 PM

Israel news photo: Wikipedia

A 52-year-old resident of the Israeli Arab city of Umm el-Fahm was convicted Wednesday of helping the Hamas terrorist organization during wartime.

Judges Yosef Elron, Moshe Gilad, and Avraham Elyakim sentenced Khaled Agbariya, a recidivist offender, to five years in prison, and imposed a NIS 20,000 fine.

According to a plea bargain agreement, no sentence has yet been meted out, but he was convicted on charges of aiding the enemy and endangering the security of the state.

Agbariya was discovered to have traveled to Saudi Arabia to exchange money and information on several occasions with his brother-in-law Nabil, who is a known Hamas terrorist.

Agbariya was arrested by the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) together with his brother-in-law, 59-year-old Mazen Mahzouma, last August.

Mahzouma, a resident of the Israeli Arab city of Shfaram, has in the past also served extended prison time for security offenses – as has Agbariya, who previously was jailed for six years. Both men were paid thousands of dollars for their efforts on behalf of Hamas – which included having attempted to recruit another Arab Israeli to Hamas – and for their time in prison.

Mazen Mahzoumah's trial is still ongoing.

Nabil, who is Mahzouma's brother, transferred nearly $120,000 to Agbariya and Mazen through a third brother, Mahmoud Mahzoumah, during the period 2000-2006, while Agbariyah was in prison. Agbariyah received another $5,000 when he met personally with Nabil in 2008, along with a map of Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria, as well as information on hiding places for money and weapons.

Nabil has also spent time in Israeli prisons. He currently lives in various places in Lebanon and Syria, according to an indictment issued in Haifa District Court last September.