Memphis Spared Mississippi flood

The devastating Mississippi floods have apparently spared Memphis and are headed for Louisiana.

Aryeh Ben Hayim , | updated: 12:52 PM

Dam System on the Mississippi
Dam System on the Mississippi


It now seems that the worst is over for Memphis, Tennessee in terms of flood damage. The fact that the city is mostly on high ground, coupled with the billions invested in flood protection over the years, have spared the city  .

While the flooding caused by the Mississippi River is the worst since the Great Flood of 1937, the music shrine of Elvis Presley in Graceland is safe as are other city landmarks.

1,300 Memphis homes were originally slated for evacuation but it now appears that the residents will be spared that fate.

The flooding conditions were triggered by a combination of unusually heavy rains and snowmelt. Rivers and creeks were backed up. The flood warnings now head for Louisiana which still bears the scars of Hurricane Katrina.